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Topic Areas for Presentations & trainings

2011 – 2012 & 2012 - 2013

Due to the incresing number of challenges on a global scale and especially Greece, it is imperative for TwB to offer workshops and seminars in areas that focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and start - ups as we feel that these areas need to be delivered to inspire and assist on a personal, organizational and European framework. It is also imperative to coach young students about the value of career management, education, continuing professional development, understanding trends as well as how to gain competencies. Most organizations in the world are Small and Medium Sized (SME's) and therefore learning how to plan and set up a business, how to grow a business, how to be innovative, how to use social media, set up websites, market and sell the do's and dont's of HR and other areas will be helpful.

A very important area that we will be touching upon within 2013 - 2015 is the area of training teachers themselves in order for them to deliver effectively, given that this is the model adopted by Teachers without Borders globally (Dr. Konrad Glowgowski).


Therefore, the following topic areas have been identified:


Ø Internet

Ø Marketing & Internet Marketing

Ø Entrepreneurship

Ø Business Planning

Ø Financial & Tax Planing

Ø Sales & Negotiation

Ø Communication

Ø Career & employment

CV writting, Career Management and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)