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Adding value & knowledge in Greece 2011 - 2012

October 2011 - 14th October: ATHENS ΥΕΑΗ (Young Entrepreneurs in Action Hellas) conference by Young Leaders Ελλάδος, at the Kakoyiannis Foundation. Teachers Without Borders founder Dr. Constantine Kiritsis participated as one of the speakers representing TWB and YL and was the moderator of the conference. His talk was on entrepreneurship and business start - ups. Over 500 participants.


November 2011 - November 23rd: CRETE - Hania - Open Day on behalf of TWB and YL Hellas in association with the Polytechnic in Crete, Professor Vasilis Kelessidis. Dr. Constantine Kiritsis's talk was on Entrepreneurship - From he idea to the business plan - Some leaders gream of great accomplishments ahile others stay awake and do them".


March 2012 - SERRES - at the 2nd Vocational High School - Dr. Constantine Kiritsis spoke to the school in association with the Lambrakis Foundation (School Innovation Network) about issues relating to employment and education.

Apil 2012 - BELGRADE, SERBIA - First discussion with representatives from Pristina's school concerning a partnership with TWB.

April 2012 - ATHENS, GREECE17th April, Open Day at ICAP for the University students of employees. Over 60 participants attended the topic related to employment trends, University programmes and studies, career management and building value. The Open Day was forwarded by Nikitas Konstantellos, CEO of ICAP.

April 2012 - ATHENS, GREECE - 25th April - IforU conference at the Hub in Athens. TWB founder Dr. Constantine Kiritsis moderated the conference and summarized key points concerning women's entrepreneurship.

May 2012 - AMYNTAIO GREECE May 10 - Dr. Constantine Kiritsis, at Amyntaio's High School spoke to the school in association with the Lambrakis Foundation (School Innovation Network) about issues relating to innovation and business start ups. Constantine assisted the school in the creation and development of a highly praised website concept promoting local wines abroad.

The idea was praised by the media and the school's participants were interviewed by the national broadcasting organization in June 2012


May 2012 - SERRES GREECE May 11 - Following the presentation in May 2012, Dr. Constantine Kiritsis returned to assist students on understanding critical success factors in organizations for a day's presentation. Students worked in groups and had the chance to work on short case studies delivered.

December 2013 - Chania - Crete - Chania Polytechnic - Following the success in 2011, Dr. Kiritsis delivered a very inspirational speech on entrepreneurship and believing in our own strengths. The amphitheatre at the Greek Polytechnic hosted over 120 participants and connected with Dr. Kiritsis via LinkedIn after the event.

2012 - 2013

The American College of Greece  - Athens - Business Week - March 11 - "Some people dream of great accomplishments while others stay awake and do them" was the title of the motivational speech by Dr. Kiritsis. Over 150 participants at the event organized by the business school and the accounting & finance society. Dr. Kiritsis talked about his career and entrepreneurial activities and linked them to the students' objectives and personal career paths. The school's Dean was present, along with many college professors.

Corfu - KERKIRA Greece - March 29, 2013 -Entrepreneurship - The March 11 speech delivered at the island's library, supported by the US Embassy in Greece.

Amyntaio Greece - June 2013